CN Corrector Fee:

Effective November 6, 2022, a fee of USD $165.00 will be assessed on cargo moving via the CN Rail, when documentation is incomplete or inaccurate. This is an increase from the current level of USD $100.00.

CN Terminal Decongestion Rules:


Loads are removed from CN ramps (Brampton or Malport) to off-site locations.

No units should be removed which are on customs/government hold, hazmat units, reefers or units with same day reservations.

Loaded units transferred to off site locations (except MISC) are subject to $300.00 CAD shuttle along with $300.00 CAD/day in storage charges upon the expiration of freetime.

Loaded units transferred to MISC yard are subject $300.00 CAD shuttle plus the standard CN storage charges per CN 9100, item 6500 (group 1).

Freetime starts at 00:01 on the day after the unit is deramped and allowed 24 hours free. Storage charges start at 00:01 once the freetime expires.