Force Majeure on Philadelphia Express Voyage 7P18

Because of the storm damage on August 26, 2017 from Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath, Atlantic Container Line AB is unable to safely operate in Port of Houston, Texas and no cargo is being moved in, out or through that area as of this time. In accordance with Clause 11 of ACL AB Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions, and/or any similar provisions contained in any applicable ocean shipping service contract, ACL AB, is unable to meet any obligations and is not otherwise legally responsible for any loss or damages because of this Act of God, and/or Force Majeure event and/or any subsequent civil unrest. Accordingly, performance under any such bills of lading or contracts is, to that extent, frustrated and no cause of action for breach or liability will arise as a consequence of this Force Majeure and any subsequent civil unrest. We are unable to determine how long this Force Majeure will continue and regret any inconvenience this event has caused you due to these circumstances beyond our control. ACL AB further assert any and all defenses available under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 46 U.S.C.A. 30701 and any and all other applicable laws as well as any provisions under the bill of lading and/or service contracts and/or any other applicable contracts. All Cargo that was loaded on board the Philadelphia Express Voyage 7P18 and due to discharge Houston, TX will now be discharged in Savannah, GA.