North American Trucking Update: Chicago And St. Paul

Truck availability across North America has continued to deteriorate, and has now reached a tipping point in some markets. Most particularly, in the Chicago metropolitan area, our key Midwest hub.

Driver and tractor issues, coupled with worsening congestion, and a lack of chassis across the city, has completely undermined our ability to offer a viable Carrier Haulage (C/H) operation.

Given the severity of the current situation, with immediate effect, ACL is now suspending all pre and post ramp C/H operations in Chicago. This suspension is on all traffics, WB and EB, and for all ramps in the Chicago area. The suspension also affects cargoes to/from St Paul, as wheels are required to crosstown boxes between the two rail ramps in Chicago.

We will continue to monitor the situation, but we do not envisage the situation to improve for some time. We apologize for any inconvenience, but it is apparent, given the challenges at hand, that it is currently not possible to provide a full intermodal service to/from Midwest points via rail ramps in Chicago. Thank you for your understanding.