Other Surcharges & Accessorials

Brokerage Charges:

Effective June 1, 2021, unless otherwise specified, ACL will no longer pay Freight Forwarding Compensation on containerized cargo.

Non-Containerizable Cargo from USEC to Continental Ports where applicable, Freight Forwarders Compensation payable on non-containerizable cargo moving to Continental ports will be:

2% of the port-to-port rate

Eastbound Container Cancellation Reduction Roll Fee:

Effective July 1, 2021 ACL will implement an Eastbound Container Cancellation/Roll fee of USD 50.oo per container ex North America. The charge is applicable to bookings of 20’ and 40’ standard, hi-cube, and tank containers with no activity within five (5) business days of the cargo cut-off date as listed on the booking confirmation.

Requests for cancellations, reductions, or rolls of containers within five (5) business days from cut off date will be subject to the USD 50.00 per container fee.

Bookings with no container activity and no instruction from the booking agent by 10 am EST on the day of cargo cut off will be canceled and invoiced accordingly.

To avoid this fee, please contact ACL Customer Service for rolls, reductions, and cancellations prior to the 5 business days of the cargo cut-off listed on the booking confirmation. Booking changes must be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

Bookings which are rolled by the Carrier for the Carriers convenience will not be assessed the fee.

This rule is not subject to refrigerated, open-top, or flatrack equipment.

Canadian Rail – Updating of Shipment Details:

ACL routinely invoices correction fees to parties needing to modify their shipment details for cargo moving via rail through the port of Halifax, NS, Canada, Minor changes, such as weight, piece counts, and plan numbers will be assessed at USD 100.00 per update. More notable charges to the paperwork, such as updates relating to name changes, addition of consignees and route changes, will attract a higher fee of USD 185.00. Cancellation of rail service will be invoiced at USD 250.00 . The above fees recoup the direct charges billed to the Carrier from the railroad, and offset internal administrative costs involved in coordinating these updates on a timely basis.

Congestion Surcharge:

Barge via Rotterdam and Antwerp
to Ports/Points in GermanyPer Cont*USD404040
*Charged on a per container basis

Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF):

% remains unchanged

Damage Protections Surcharge:

.Applicable only to 20ft, 40ft dry vans and high cubes Unless otherwise stated elsewhere in this tariff or confidential Service contract, a surcharge of 20.00 USD per container will be assessed on every 20ft, 40ft dry van and high cube and Carrier will no longer pursue damages to containers below 300.00 USD. For any damage claim above 300.00 USD the shipper/Consignee will be responsible for the total claim and the first 300.00 USD will not be waived.

Driver Detention:

The Drive Detention will increase from $100.00 per hour to $125.00 per hour from September 1, 2021.

Documentation Fees, European:

United Kingdom50 GBP Eff 1/1/22 (from 40 GBP) 50 GBP Eff 1/1/22(from 40 GBP)
Ireland: Cork/Dublin120 EUR120 EUR
Ireland: Belfast120 GBP120 GBP
France90 EUR90 EUR
Continent40 EUR (from 30 EUR)40 EUR (from 30 EUR)
Sweden550 SEK (from SEK 490)550 SEK (from SEK 490)

Genset Fee, Merchant Haulage:

In the United States or Europe, under merchant haulage, reefers requiring a genset, will be assessed a fee of $150. For full details, please see our Tariff ACLU-068.

Import LO/LO Charge – United Kingdom:

ACL’s Lo/Lo charge will be increased to GBP 65 per container. This surcharge will be applied on import loads from the ports of Halifax, Canada and all United States ports.

Penalty & Admin Charge – for Placarding Hazardous Shipments:

ACL is required to correct hazardous placards/stencils on behalf of the Shipper, a Penalty and Administration Charge of $300 will be applied. The aforementioned charge will be assessed in addition to all third party costs.

Penalty & Admin Charge – for Misdeclared Hazardous Shipments:

Shipper shall further be assessed a $250.00 per shipment/per incident penalty for failure to properly offer and/or correctly declare hazardous materials/dangerous goods if such shipments load to a vessel prior to discovery and notification to the Carrier of the material or Emergency Response Information.

The above penalty fee applies to shipments where Shipper increases or decreases weights and/or piece counts; amends descriptions, packaging and is also applicable when cargo declaration is changed from hazardous classification to non-hazardous after the cargo is laden on board.

If Shipper or Shipper’s agent, fail to declare all hazardous materials/dangerous goods prior to being laden on board or make changes to the hazardous classification or add additional hazardous classified cargo after the cargo is laden and/or the vessel has sailed the port of load they will be subject to a penalty of $2,000.00 per shipment. In addition to the penalty, Shipper will be liable and responsible for all costs and consequences related to violations, fines, damages, incidents, claims and corrective measures. Shipper shall further indemnify Carrier of any liability, claim or costs of any kind incurred by Carrier as a result of Shipper’s failure to comply with applicable governmental regulations or requirements concerning shipment of hazardous materials/dangerous goods. 

Pick-up/Drop-off Charges

Rule 2, Sub-Rule U-MH, with the Carrier’s approval, empty equipment may be picked-up/dropped-off by the merchant at the following Places of Interchange (POI) and against the undernoted charges:

Eastbound Drop-Off Fee:

CountryDrop-Off Location2040′
Czech RepublicPragueService not available.€20
Czech RepublicZlinService not available.€20

Westbound Pick-Up Fee:

CountryPick-Up Location20’/40′CurrencyDecJanFeb
GermanyBremen Per 20′EUR110110110
GermanyBremen Per 40′EUR757575
GermanyNeussPer 20′EUR757575
GermanyNeussPer 40”EUR120120120
GermanyDuisburgPer 20′EUR757575
GermanyDuisburgPer 40′EUR120120120
GermanyBonnPer 20′EUR150150150
GermanyBonnPer 40′EUR757575
GermanyFrankenbach/MainzPer 20′EUR757575
Germany *eff January 15, 2022, Jan 1-14, 2022 EUR 170Frankenbach/MainzPer 40′EUR170170*205
GermanyLudwigshafenPer 20′EUR505050
GermanyLudwigshafenPer 40′EUR505050
GermanyGermersheim Per 20′EUR145145145
GermanyGermersheimPer 40′EUR260260260
GermanyKarlsruhePer 20′EUR145145145
GermanyKarlsruhePer 40′EUR260260260
SwitzerlandBaselPer 20′EUR105105105
SwitzerlandBaselPer 40′EUR220220220
FranceStrasbourgPer 20′EUR190190190
FranceStrasbourgPer 40′EUR290290290
FranceLyon/VenissieuxPer 20′EUR175175175
FranceLyon/VenissieuxPer 40′EUR235235235
FranceGennevilliersPer 20′EUR757575
FranceGennevilliersPer 40′EUR757575

Return of Unused Equipment:

When a Shipper, or his agent, returns an empty container to the custody of the Carrier, unused, then the following charge will be assessed:

Port TerminalsUSD 125USD 250
US Inland DepotsUSD 125 

The above amount reimburses the Carrier for costs associated with, but not limited to, the additional handling, processing, gate fees, and physical transfer of the unit back to the Carriers Dedicated stack at the place of interchange.  Any associated costs in relation to M&R will be billed in addition to the above.

Security Fee, Westbound:

Atlantic Container Line is required to perform multiple filings on behalf of a shipper to the USC or CBSA, the below level will be assessed. The amount will also be invoiced for filing the Master Bill in addition to the associated splits and NVO house bills.

  • $50.00 Per Filing

Tank Endorsed Driver Container:

In the United States, any container which contains liquids totaling or exceeding 1,000 gallons, or that carry multiple tanks of 119 gallons or more, that exceed 1,000 gallons, require the use of a Tank Endorsed Driver and will be subject to a surcharge of $200.00 per shipment.

Ultra Low Sulfur Surcharge (ULS):

The Eastbound and Westbound Ultra Low Sulfur Surcharge is applicable only on cargo sailing against confidential Service Contracts, which specifically state subject to ULS.

BAF U.S. – West Africa:

ACL’s BAF for the West African Direct Service and West African Transshipment service: $390 per 20ft and $780 per 40ft.