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ACL acts as the General Agent for its Parent Company, Grimaldi Lines, in North America at New York, Baltimore, Norfolk-NIT & Halifax for its direct RORO/Breakbulk service between Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and United States, Mexico & Canada (NAFTA) Regions.

NA Euromed Terminal Contacts

Weekly Mediterranean Service Rotation & Transit Times

Al Khums / Tripoli, Libya30
Alexandria, Egypt30
Barcelona, Spain27
Beirut, Lebanon50
Benghazi, Libya30
Bilbao, Spain22
Catania, Italy27
Civitavecchia, Italy27
Cork, Ireland40
Autoport Turkey30
Esjberg, Denmark39
Gioia Tauro, Italy27
Gemlik, Turkey 30
Genova, Italy27
Izmir, Turkey30
Koper, Slovenia37
LeHavre, France30
Limassol, Cyprus30
Leixoes, Portugal24
Livorno, Italy27
Marseille, France30
Mersin, Turkey30
Monfalcone, Italy37
Palermo, Italy27
Piraeus, Greece30
Ravenna, Italy37
Salerno, Italy25
Savona, Italy27
Tripoli, Libya31
Tunis, Tunisia30
Valencia, Spain25
Valleta, Malta27
Wallhamn, Swecen40

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