Atlantic Container Line received two prestigious AMVER Awards for its two G4 vessels, the Atlantic Star and the Atlantic Sail in recognition of outstanding dedication to the Automated Mutual-assistance Vessel Rescue System in support of world maritime safety.

Amver is a worldwide voluntary vessel reporting system operated by the U.S. Coast Guard to enhance and ensure promote safety of life and property at sea.

The Atlantic Sail has been honored for the first time with a Blue pennant for its one-year participation.  The Atlantic Star will be honored with the Gold pennant award on her fifth consecutive year of eligibility for the year 2022.

For 2023, ACL will include three addition G4 vessels in this program.  With their participation, ACL’s entire fleet of G4 vessels will be included in the AMVER system.

“We are thankful for your active participation as we celebrate 64 years of saving lives at sea. The previous year has been one like no other. You, the seafarer, have earned this recognition for ensuring goods were delivered to a world that needed them.  Ships from your company joined those from hundreds of nations in providing a worldwide safety network to assist search and rescue coordinators in responding to emergencies at sea.  You should take pride in the voluntary commitment of your officers and crews to the safety of life at sea,” commented Benjamin M. Strong, Director, Amver Maritime Relations, U.S. Coast Guard.