Automated Export System

AESDirect is the U.S. Census Bureau’s free, internet based system for filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) information to the Automated Export System (AES).

There has been a major change with the U.S. Customer Export Regulations and the implementation of the AES Rule. Please click for the the key information:

The following is Customer Support Contact Information for assistance with Automated Export System (AES) matters. With the implementation of mandatory AES for all export shipments that previously required a Shipper’s Export Declaration and the increased security requirements related to the AESDirect Account Maintenance Changes, we wanted to refer to the provided contact information below for assistance to our AES filers.

AESDirect Helpdesk 877-715-4433

The AESDirect Helpdesk is available to offer technical assistance
regarding the AESDirect program. 

Sample matters include:

Username and Password Assistance
AESDirect Application Connectivity Assistance
AESPcLink Application Connectivity Assistance

Foreign Trade Division Call Center 800-549-0595

Menu Option 1 – Automated Export System Branch

Sample matters include:

AES Generated Responses
AES Fatal Errors
AES Compliance Reports
AES Fatal Error Reports
AESPcLink Workshops
General AES Filing Questions

Menu Option 2 – Commodity Analysis Branch

Sample matters include:

Schedule B Classification Assistance
Other Commodity Related Reporting Issues

Menu Option 3 – Regulations, Outreach, and Education Branch

Sample matters include:

Clarifying the Foreign Trade Regulations
Responsibilities of the Parties in the Export Transaction 
AES Compliance Seminars

Assistance Via E-mail

AESDirect Helpdesk: [email protected]
Automated Export System Branch: [email protected]
Regulations, Outreach and Education Branch: [email protected]

For further information or questions, contact the U.S. Census Bureau’s
AES Branch at 1-800-549-0595, menu option 1 or at [email protected]
or online at