Logistics Management’s 40th Annual Quest for Quality Awards was announced in its August issue and Atlantic Container Line (ACL) ranked top performer for 2023. Over the course of four decades, LM’s Quest for Quality has been regarded in the transportation and logistics industry as the most important measure of customer satisfaction and performance excellence. To determine the best of the best, qualified LM readers rate ocean carriers, 3PL service providers, and U.S. port operators strictly on the basis of service quality, making it the only survey of its kind in the market.

Transportation service providers are rated on LM’s five key criteria. For ocean carriers, the Quest for Quality cited thirteen carriers in the measurement research, which ranked On-time Performance, Value, Information Technology, Customer Service and Equipment/Operations. Logistics Management readers were asked on an annual basis to rank the attributes in each transportation category on a five-point scale, with 5 representing the highest value and 1 representing the lowest value. Logistics Management and parent company Peerless Research Group then used those attribute rankings to create weighted scores in each category.

ACL was ranked first for value and customer service receiving a 10.77 for Value and 11.40 for Customer Service. To produce a weighted score, the study multiplied ACL’s average scores for each attribute. The weighted scores were calculated for all five attributes and added together to create an aggregate number. Companies score a quality win when their total scores exceed the average total weighted score in their category. Providers must receive at least 5% of the total base for the category, ranked in order of importance, then grade on each of the 5 score Quest for Quality attributes.

According to the final results, despite the rough seas of ocean transportation, the readers of Logistics Management maintained that ACL has offered consistent, steady value for its service and superior customer service through the past 12 months. Because of this, ACL was worthy of the prestigious Quest for Quality Award.