Empty Return Locations

Effective February 23 2024

Origin LocationEquip TypesReturn LocationReturn Address
PSA Fairview CoveALL EXCEPT ReefersPSA Fairview Cove6708 Bayne Street Halifax, Nova Scotia
PSA Fairview CoveReefersHunt Refrigeration890 Old Sambro Road Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia
CN BramptonALLHunt Refrigeration110 The West Mall Etobicoke, ON
CN MontrealALLCN Taschereau4500 Hickmore St Laurent, Quebec
NS, CSX, CN Chicago (all ramps)ALLCONTACT ACL! 908-518-7352CONTACT ACL! 908-518-7352
Baltimore Dundalk & SeagirtALLSeagirt Marine Terminal2600 Broening Hwy Baltimore, MD
PNCT Port NewarkALL EXCEPT ReefersPNCT241 Calcutta St Port Newark, NJ
PNCT Port NewarkReefers C&C Yard 288 Marsh St. Port Newark, NJ
Red Hook Brooklyn20′ DVPNCT241 Calcutta St Port Newark, NJ
Red Hook Port Newark40′ HC OnlyRed Hook Port Newark Terminal138 Marsh St, Newark, NJ
Norfolk Intl TerminalALL EXCEPT ReefersNIT7737 Hampton Blvd Norfolk, VA
Norfolk Intl Terminal ReefersMRS CMC798 Virginia Ave Portsmouth VA
NS, CSX, CN Detroit20′ DVCN600 Fern Street, Ferndale, MI
NS, CSX, CN Detroit40′ HCConglobal8501 W Fort Street, Detroit, MI
Freeport Velasco TerminalALL Freeport Velasco Terminal801 Port Road, Freeport, TX

Please note, unless instructed otherwise by Import Customer Service, return locations apply to list above.