Express Documentation

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Export Shipments

In our continuous effort to make the documentation process as simple, swift and effortless as possible for you, we are pleased to offer a variety of disbursement methods including completely paperless options. Please see below:

Data Freight Receipt (DFR)

E-Mail DFR 

Your DFR/Invoice is sent as an attachment to an e-mail. An Internet e-mail address and Adobe Acrobat Software are required to view it. You are instantly able to review on screen, respond with questions, save to an electronic file, forward to another, or, if you choose, print directly in your office on plain paper. No special forms are ever required to print ACL Bills-of-Lading. 

Standard Bill-Of-Lading (OBL)

E-Mail B/L 

The e-mail bill-of-lading is an efficient means of receiving your documentation. E-mailed directly from ACL’s Atlas Computer  System usually within 24 hours (but no later than 48 hours) of sailing. An Internet e-mail address and Adobe Acrobat Software are required to launch the attachment.  A Trading Partner Agreement containing ACL’s Bill-of-Lading Terms and Conditions must be executed prior to receiving bills-of-lading via this method.

Arrival Notice (A/N)

Import Shipments

With the same efficiencies in mind for your imports, ACL has implemented a computer generated e-mail system for disbursement of arrival notices. Either option below, gives you the ability to clear your cargo in advance of the vessel arrival, allowing you to arrange for prompt delivery within twenty-four hours of vessel arrival. 

E-Mail Arrival Notice

Will be sent within seventy-two but no later than forty-eight hours prior to vessel arrival. This method eliminates paper while giving you the ability to store the information in your computer and forwarding to all parties of interest without additional cost to you.


With any of these options, our Atlas Computer System will automatically generate an invoice that will be sent by the same method as selected from the above to the party nominated as “payor”.