Surcharges & Accessorials

Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF)  Q2 ’23Q3 ’23Q4 ’23
RORO BAF WB %37.5037.5037.50
RORO BAF WB CARS %37.5037.5037.50
RORO BAF EB %35.0035.0035.00
RORO BAF EB CARSPer CARUSD65.0065.0065.00
 Supplemental Bunker Surcharge (SBS)  AugSepOct
WB from UK/Cont. to North AmericaPer TEUUSD110110140
WB Gothenburg to North AmericaPer
WB from Scan/Baltic to North America (exclud. Gothenburg)Per TEUUSD130130160
EB North America to UK/Cont Per TEUUSD110110140
EB North America to GothenburgPer
EB North America to Scan/Baltic (exclud. Gothenburg)Per TEUUSD130130160
From all areas to BermudaPer TEUUSD305305335
From Scan/Baltic to BermudaPer TEUUSD345345375
International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)AugSepOct
EB Containerized Cargo (Per Container) USD252525
EB RORO Cargo (Per Shipment) USD100100100
WB Containerized Cargo (Per Container) USD303030
WB RORO Cargo (Per Shipment) USD100100100
Hazardous Cargo Processing Fee (WB only)*
The carrier will charge a Hazardous Cargo Processing Fee when more than 5 (five) separate consignments of hazardous cargo are presented for shipment in a single container. Charges will be determined by quantity of consignments, for full details please refer to ACL’s complete rule tariff. ( *applicable to all ports)
Hazardous Cargo SurchargeAugSepOct
EB (Per Container) USD180180180
WB (Per Container) USD200200200
Gothenburg Hazardous Cargo Surcharge*AugSepOct
WB/EB (Per Container)USD130130130
*additional charge for cargo loading/discharging in Gothenburg
B/L Fee (EB Only)Per B/L202020
US Hazardous Inland SurchargeAugSepOct
All MotorUSD250250250
Motor RailUSD385385385
Rail RampUSD135135135
Container Service Charge (CSC)AugSepOct
Dry Cargo (Per Container) USD250250250
Reefer Cargo (Per Container) USD325325325
Terminal Handling Charge (THC)Aug SepOct
Per Container USD510510510
Breakbulk Service Charge (BBSC)
Please contact ACL customer service for applicable charges
(NEW) Wharfage – RORO High Heavy Units & StaticAugSepOct
WB to U.S. Ports per Metric TonUSD555
WB to Canadian Ports per CBMCAN3.163.163.`6
North American Fuel Surcharges (EFCS)  AugSepOct
US Inland Fuel Surcharge (USIFS) %303137
Canadian Inland Fuel Surcharge (CIFS) %474957
European Fuel Crisis Surcharge (EFCS)
UK and EireAugSepOct
N. IrelandBELT%181923
SwedenGOTT & T/R%404047
Hallsberg, Jonkoping, Eskillstuar T/R%141416
Insjon T/R%9911
Continental EuropeAugSepOct
Czech RepublicANT/ROTT%242530
Czech RepublicBRV/HAMT/R%6810
BelgiumANT/ROTB & B/T%141518
NetherlandsANT/ROTB & B/T%262733
FranceANT/RTMT/R via Athus%N/AN/AN/A
* Belgium/Netherlands/France/Germany/Switzerland/Luxembourg/Czech Republic
** Austria/Czech Republic/Poland
T= Truck, R= Rail, B= Barge

For more information on these fees, please click here.
Fuel Adjustment Factor (barge & barge truck )AugSepOct
Driver Retention Surcharge AugSepOct
Unless otherwise agreed, all carrier haulage moves, for all equipment types, on service contract & tariff moves for both export and import
shipments, per container, will be subject to:.
Damage Protection Surcharge – Applicable only to 20′, 40′ dry vans and high cubes:
Unless otherwise stated elsewhere in this tariff or confidential Service contract, a surcharge of 20.00 USD per container will be assessed on every 20ft, 40ft dry van and high cube and Carrier will no longer pursue damages to containers below 300.00 USD. For any damage claim above 300.00 USD the shipper/Consignee will be responsible for the total claim and the first 300.00 USD will not be waived. Carrier expenditures for Emergency Repairs made during the shipment will not be considered part of the 300.00 USD threshold and therefore always the responsibility of the Shipper/Consignee.
Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Submission FeeAugSepOct
Cont. Europe (incl. Denmark/Finland)Per Cont*EURO505050
UKPer Cont.*GBP505050
SwedenPer Cont.*SEK500500500
North AmericaPer Cont.*USD353535
*Charged on a per container basis

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